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Xo, Mrs. Dorsey ;)


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Do you know where Lea's "if you say so" tattoo is/do you have a picture

It’s under her right breast, i cant post a link right now cause im on my ipad, if you go to my tattoo tag its probably there somewhere :)

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I like that Matthew is all like "yes you can take pics but if you get near her I'm gonna kill you". From what we've seen he seems very protective.

Lol I was thinking that as well, it’s kinda cute.

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On another note i miss seeing all ur wonderful monchele creations gracing my timeline :(

I’m just not posting anything new cause i’m on holiday atm and I only have my ipad right now, but after that i’ll be making new things again! I’ll be back the second part of august :)

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@msleamichele Friends drink #GreenJuice together:) @lowenban #OrganicAvenue #NYC ❤️ 

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There would be zero reason for Lea and Matthew to be PR. The Monchele PR made no sense either considering when they started rating were stable and never helped rating anyway. Plus I have a hard time believe Lea would be willing to spend most of her 20;s in fake relationship. Press will get bored with them soon enough.


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There are some people who think Cory and Lea was PR. But it is wrong. Because they didn’t expose any private photos. Which means they wanted to protect their cherish experience. On the other hand Lea and Matt is PR. They are exposing too much photos. Photos are PR. Fox and RM calculate everything. Wane Glee needs some strong topic in this hiatus even if it’s disgusting photos of main character and gigolo.

Neither of them are pr. Let’s not do this again.

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Hey man, at least we got like 5 million shots clearing showing the if you say so tattoo so nobody's having to freak out about her getting rid of it for a little bit :)

True xD

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They were in the studio together, but they didn’t technically record together at the same time. But they would come to the studio together from time to time when they had songs they were singing—that they were both singing on.

I think maybe on ‘Roots Before Branches’, which was the finale song from Season 3, I believe. They were both in the studio for that.


Adam Anders, responding to a question about whether Cory and Lea ever recorded one of their duets together. (via showthemwhat)
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What’s coming up for Lea Michele

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"The reality of show business is that there are a lot of amazing parts of being in this business, but there is also a lot of negative stuff as well. You really have to have a really thick skin because people are going to say stuff about you, and some of it may not be very nice. I have a Twitter, I look at it, and I know what people say. It’s pretty intense and it’s very negative, which is unfortunate. But at the end of the day, in order to make it in this business and survive, you have to have a thick skin. […] You also have to keep the people around you, that you really love and that really love you. You have to stay true to yourself. It’s also important, when I’m not working, I’m home and I’m Lea. That’s the time that I recharge so that I can go to work the next day, and no matter what happens, I’m good."

Lea Michele [What’s the most negative thing in show business? | Giffoni Q&A, 7/20/14] (via girlmworld)