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Cory, you will be forever missed.

Anonymous asked:
do you think jon and lea really had sex on stage in spring awakening? like did he really insert his member into lea's vajayjay? thatd be a bit intense for them to do it everynight for the show o.o esp with him being gay :D

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Anonymous asked:
Wait do they actually have sex when they do that sex scene on spring awakening?

well no, actors never actually have sex when they’re acting lol

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Love Letter to Jonathan Groff by Lea Michele

From Lea’s new book “Brunette Ambition”

Release date May 20, 2014

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Rachel, you know you guys weren’t dating when it all went down, you know?

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Lea Michele And Jonathan Groff Grab Juice After Hiking (x)

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height difference

It’s, uh, a work date. Totally professional.

It’s, uh, a work date. Totally professional.

Anonymous asked:
I highly doubt all the dram would have to do with lea's album seeing how they were mentioning each other in tweet after it was released


Anonymous asked:
Wait I thought there was only a shirtless scene on spring awaking I didn't there were an actual bangbang scene i never saw it

My life has changed in almost every way, but I couldn’t be more grateful. I couldn’t be happier - I feel like the luckiest guy in the world -Cory Monteith


they should get barbra streisand to be in glee but not play herself she should play like a bad streisand impersonator they hire for rachel’s birthday and rachel spends the whole time going ‘omg she doesn’t even look like her’

Anonymous asked:
Lesssss be real. They aren't friends like they used to be. I'm sure it has a lot to do w albums and what not. But I think all this is being planted on purpose. Blind gossip says Darren got to keep his job bc of fan outrage? What fan outrage? Like for real. All this glee "drama" is to get peeps talking. If it ain't bringing Cory back I just don't care! (Now please respond w a pretty cory picture ☺️)